HTP Microfiber PPE Suit - Army Green



Free size that fits up to XL (Extra Large) frames


  • Available color may vary depending on stocks.
  • Suits are with closed-end zipper.
  • All possible air holes such as neckline, wrists, and ankles are garterized. 
  • This is an improvised protective suit and NOT A MEDICAL GRADE. Any improvised PPE can only be used in low-risk areas like the triage or transport, provided proper distancing is still observed. In high-risk areas, commercial PPE must be used.
  • In wearing the PPE, proper protocol should be followed in donning and doffing of PPE.
  • Please make sure that all inner suture lines are sealed using a duct tape. The zipper that we used is not waterproof. 
  • We recommend that the wearer wear an adult diaper to avoid contamination should call of nature becomes necessary.
  • If worn together with the whole PPE set, it will always have four (4) limitations which apply to all PPEs and those are: heat stress, mobility, visibility and communication problems.

This PPE is reusable and can be disinfected after use. 
The material used in this protective suit can withstand autoclaving to kill virus.

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